Don't Listen to the Negative Shanaynay's! Featuring Syerena Orr- Designer of Overconfident

As a creative and an entrepreneur, I have to be quick to internalize experiences and to be able to pivot. I am constantly changing and growing, and my methods constantly have to be tweaked and redirected. I am still learning how to mitigate the fine line between protecting the ideas I have in my head and sharing them with others for feedback. I have had so many experiences where I share a good idea, or my goals/dreams with someone only for it to be shot down, picked apart or met with apathy. I've questioned and even deaded  ideas because of negative feedback from people who have no idea what they are talking about. I've dragged my feet on starting on projects or pivoting in a new direction because of people telling me why I can't. On a path that is already so unsure, staying positive is so important to my progress. For this reason, I have become extremely protective of my thoughts and goals. I'm careful about who I share my ideas with because all it takes is one drop of negativity to slow down momentum to push forward. The desires and dreams I have for my life are massive and extraordinary. I've learned that there are some people who are intimidated by my vision and simply can not see it. 

I recently shot the winter collection for Syerena Orr (pictured blessing my lens below) the founder and designer of Overconfident, a luxury womens clothing brand (check out pictures from the shoot here).  I met this bada*s boss babe about one year ago and have watched in awe of all her success as a designer. In addition to being a successful designer, she is also a successful real estate investor. Syerena shared her thoughts on her career and dealing with the negative blahblah.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments in your career as a creative entrepreneur? 

Definitely my 200th sale with Overconfident! But of course it's much more profitable to sell in bulk-this year my goal is to harass buyers and get my looks in boutiques and later on major retailers! 


How do you stay positive on the long, bumpy, crazy road of entrepreneurship? 

By realizing as an entrepreneur, you're in complete control of your success. It's in your hands. This isn't a 9 to 5- you're not relying on  your boss for your success, for that promotion. You're relying completely on yourself. What I mean by that is, not everyone will say yes. It's your job to hear 20 nos, to fail, just to get to that one yes. To never quit. Not every project or goal will be successful at the first attempt.  It's up to you to figure out how to get what you want. How to tweak your methods for success. Having determination, discipline and a solid plan alone will get you what you want- knowing that really keeps me positive. It may not happen exactly when you want or exactly how you want but never quitting will always get you success in the end. 


How do you keep naysayers and negative people from getting in the way of your positivist and progress? 

I'd be lying if I said that negative people didn't at times kill my mood! Sometimes it's hard not to take negativity personal- but that's it,  it's not personal! Never have I heard negative comments or bad energy about my goals when speaking with a successful or ambitious person. The successful ones are always upbeat and excited about my goals! They encourage me and even give me advice toward them. However the negative ones are always the ones with no goals, a job they hate or a dissatisfaction with how their life is going.  Their negativity is how they cope- they are self reflecting their problems onto me. Understanding that keeps me positive! I tune them out and never take their unsolicited advice seriously!


Let me know your thoughts on dealing with negativity as an entrepreneur and creative or anyone pursuing big dreams!!