On Trusting the Journey

I find myself reflecting on the crazy series of twists and turns that brought me to photography. In photography, I have found my voice and purpose. It has helped me to realize and savor the power of the moment. The path it has led me down has been riddled with angels. I don't mean the metaphorical kind with big feathery wings playing harps above the sky. I mean real, living human beings who have touched my spirit and lifted me up unexpectedly but also exactly when I needed it. Photography found me my current roommate/friend who has been such a massive source of inspiration and support throughout my journey of entrepreneurship. It led me to one of the kindest women, and most talented photographers I've ever met who allowed me to shadow her and whom I credit for giving me hope that I can actually build a career out of photography. It has brought me so many special moments, with so many beautiful people. 

I recently captured my beautiful friend Alysea as she celebrates her pregnancy. She is gorgeous inside and out and her baby boy is so lucky to have a mom like her. Her spirit is so kind and sweet. Our whole shoot was amazing, and we ended up with so many incredible images I honestly felt overwhelmed at the thought of having to erase any of them. It's always slightly nerve-wracking sending images to clients. I hoped that she would like them as much as I did. She sent me a message that came at such a perfect time and that I will carry with me forever. "Thank you for capturing moments with my growing son that will last forever."  I read that message about 200 times as tears came to my eyes. I became surprisingly emotional and while it is partially due to the fact that in my old age I've grown into a complete sap and cornball, it was mostly due to the magnitude of the thought she expressed. 

 I love photography because it is my most authentic means of self-expression and self-exploration. It is a physical manifestation of a moment in time that will last forever. These images of Alysea and her baby boy will last long after he is born and grown up. It hit me like a ton of bricks, that maybe her grandchildren would one day look at these pictures. Maybe HIS great-grandchildren will one day look this picture! This moment is something that is extends so far beyond me and will last long after I am gone.

Following your passion isn't easy because it will always lead you off the beaten path, to uncharted territory that is yours alone to discover.  I believe the purpose of struggling along this journey is to transform us into more than just mere humans who exist on earth for just a second. Your passion gives you superpowers-like the ability to interact with people across oceans and to exist in moments that will happen long after your moment on earth has ended. The road that your passion leads you down may at times be scary and lonely, but know that angels will be there to encourage and guide you exactly when you need them.